How to rent

If you have any question about accommodations or the booking process you can try to find the answers of your questions here.

If you can't find the answer to your query please get in touch and we will do our best to help you.

Booking questions

How do I search for a property ?

You have three main routes of finding your ideal holiday home :

  • 1. Search by availability

    Use the availability search on the left hand side of the Home page or click 'Cottages' or 'Bed and Breakfast' in the top navigation. For cottages you can search your accommodation only from Saturdays to Saturday.

  • 2. Search by Destination

    Click 'Cottages' or 'Bed and Breakfast' in the top navigation and click on the map of the on the left hand side of the page to start refining your destinations

  • 3. Search by theme

    Click 'Cottages' or 'Bed and Breakfast' in the top navigation and refine your selection by choosing the theme you like.


How can I book a property ?

  • 1. You can book the propriety you like online. Tick the selected week(s) and click 'Book now' on the left hand side of each property details page to take you to the secure online booking form. This will take you through the different stages including taking your payment.

  • 2. You can also complete the booking over the phone by calling (0033) 68 11 40 70


Can I book for a single night ?

We do not book for a single night. You need either book for a weekend, id for 2 nights (not available for cottages), or book for a minimum a week, from Saturday to Saturday.


Can I pay a deposit ?

If you rent your holiday home more than 6 months before the start date of your vacations, you need just to sign the contract. 6 months before your arriving date you will be asked to pay a deposit equivalent to 25% of the total rent payment. And finally the remaining balance would be due as soon as your holiday is less than 4 weeks away.


What Credit Cards do you accept ?

Only Visa and MasterCards are accepted. If you need we can send you our bank details in order you can pay for your location by bank transfer.


Why do I need cancellation insurance ?

Our cancellation insurance is recommended but optional. Our booking conditions are that if you cancel your holiday you will remain liable for the some part of cost of your holiday depending on the date of your cancellation. For this reason we recommend you to take our holiday cancellation insurance.

If you have your own travel insurance which covers your holiday cancellation and curtailment you will need to pay the full amount on cancelling, we will then issue a cancellation invoice to you which will enable you to make a claim through your own insurance.


What does the cancellation insurance cover ?

We offer a whole policy dedicated to this, so please call us to have some details.


What is the booking fee ?

A €13.00 booking fee is payable to cover the administration and processing of each booking for a week locations and €5.00 for a week-end bookings.


What are the terms and conditions of the contract of reservation ?

To see the complete document about our conditions applying to the booking of a stay in a cottage or a rural guesthouse please click here.

Accommodation questions

What is not included in the price ?

For all type of reservation the indicated price don't include your travel expenses as well your transfer fees during your holidays (it means that you need have your car or to rent when arriving at place).


Are utility charges included in the price ?

Unless something else stated in the description of the property, utility charges are included within the limit of 500 litres of water per day, 8kW of electricity per day and 4kg of gas per week. Excess consumption is to be paid directly to the owner on the basis of meter readings and current rates.


How to get to the property ?

You will have address of the property with detailed indications to get there.
You need to come either with your own car, or take a train or plan, then to rent a car while arriving.

Department of Aude is next to 4 airports /click on the airport name to have the complete list of airline companies serving the airport/:

Airports Distance from city centre of Carcassonne
Carcassonne (CCF) 4,7 km view details
Toulouse-Blagnac 105 km view details
Perpignan (PGF) 112 km view details
Montpellier (MPL) 166 km view details
Barcelona (BAR) 326 km view details
Béziers Vias 100 km view details

Do the owners speak English ?

Many of our owners speak English. You will find the details about languages abilities of owners on the description page of each accommodation. If you are looking exceptionally for bed and breakfasts where the owner speaks English go directly to the rubric B&B English speaking owners. Anyway if you have any languages problems during your stay you can contact our client service (available only during the week days from 9:00am to 5:00pm).


Can I bring pet (s) ?

Yes, many of our properties welcome pets, each property will state in its description whether pets are accepted or not. Nevertheless the owner must be absolutely informed if you are bringing pets. An anti-rabies vaccination certificate is required. There is not any additional charge for pets.


How is the star grading system defined ?

The Gîtes de France label guarantees quality accommodation that complies with a national charter. Under this system, each accommodation is awarded 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 ears of corn.


Each cottage is rated according to its surroundings, its level of comfort and its amenities. All the cottages are re-assessed at least once every five years and much more regularly if a customer has raised concerns about the property.

Whatever the cottages rating, it may have extra facilities, mentioned only in the description of the property.

  • 1 ear of corn

    outside space, garden furniture: one bathroom and toilet (for cottages up to 6 people), second bathroom (for cottages for 7 people or more); broiler or mini-oven, kitchen table, pressure cooker, fridge, cleaning materials and basic cleaning products, iron, baby seat on demand.

  • 2 ears of corn

    as well as or instead of 1 ear of corn facilities: barbecue (except in areas where barbecues are not permitted), washing machine (in cottages for 6 people or more), blender, electric coffee-maker, TV aerial, table cloths and towels on demand*.

  • 3 ears of corn

    as well as or instead of 2 ear of corn facilities: independent access and private garden, 2 toilets (in cottage for 7 people or more), washing machine, dishwasher* (in cottages for 5 people or more), oven, colour television*, telephone*, cleaning service on request.

  • 4 ears of corn

    as well as or instead of 3 ear of corn facilities: unique property, setting and internal decoration of an extremely high standard, fireplace or wood-burning stove (unless forbidden under local authority regulations); microwave, fridge with freezer section, tumble-dryer (in properties for 6 people or more).

  • 5 ears of corn

    as well as or instead of 4 ear of corn facilities: private parkland or landscaped garden, leisure facilities on site (e.g. tennis court, swimming pool sauna or Jacuzzi), garage or other outside shelter; in cottages for 3 people or more: washing machine, tumble-dryer, hi-fi, video player.


  • 1 ear of corn

    basic rooms.

  • 2 ears of corn

    comfortably appointed rooms, each with at least one private shower room or bathroom.

  • 3 ears of corn

    well-appointed rooms, each with its own private, fully-fitted bathroom (shower, bath, washbasin and toilet).

  • 4 ears of corn

    luxury rooms, each with its own private, fully-fitted bathroom. Accommodation in a residence with character, in a beautiful setting. Additional services are often available.

*in exceptional circumstances, these facilities may not be available at certain cottages but guests staying at these cottages will be informed of this upon reservation.


Whatever your choice of property you can be sure of quality with SUDFRANCE.FR because each property featured here has been thoroughly inspected by the checking tourist board and awarded a quality grade by the Prefecture based on their standards of upkeep, furnishing, decoration and equipment.


Can we invite friends to stay ?

The rental contract is drawn up for a specific number of people. If the number exceeds the stated capacity, the owner reserves the right to refuse the extra people or to claim extra payment.


Are swimming pools supervised ?

Swimming pools are unsupervised unless stated in the property description. Children must be supervised at all times whilst using the swimming facilities.


When are swimming pools open ?

Outdoor swimming pools are open from May to October depending on the weather. Full details will be shown in each property description or you can call our office for more information.


Have the properties their own travel insurance ?

Yes, all our renting accommodation has “holiday” insurance cover.


Can I use the telephone of the property ?

Unless stated in the property description there will be no use of a telephone at the property.


Is Internet access available ?

Yes, some of our properties wireless access is available. Please see each property description or call our office for further information.


Is household linen supplied at the property ?

Generally household linen is not supplied. Yet some owners may offer sheets, towels and household linen which may be included in the rental price or some properties may offer the option of hiring them. For full details please refer to the relevant property description. 4-5 star properties generally provide sheets.


When will I receive my confirmation ?

You will receive confirmation through the post or through e-mail when a deposit payment has been made, a second confirmation along with directions to the property or detailed description of your package will be sent on final payment of your holiday.


Who do we contact before we arrive ?

You may need to contact the owner to settle the exact time and place.


What time do I arrive and depart the property ?

For a week reservation you must arrive Saturday no earlier than 4pm. Departure Saturday no later than 10am.
For a Week-end reservation you must arrive Friday no early than 4pm. Departure Sunday no later than 6pm.


Do we need to clean the property before we leave ?

You are expected to clean the property during and at the end of your stay. You may be asked for an extra payment if the cleaning is not satisfactory when you leave. Some properties will do cleaning for a fee.


Is there is an inventory at the property when we arrive ?

A schedule of condition of the property is made by you and the owner at the beginning and the end of your stay. The cottages contain an inventory of all their equipment.


Do we need to pay a guarantee to the owner while staying in his property ?

On arrival, you should give the owner the amount of the guarantee stated in the rental contract. This will be returned to you after the inventory and schedule of condition have taken place at the end of your stay.


What is the "tourist tax" we have to pay for some properties ?

Some villages have decided to introduce a tourist tax to develop and improve their tourist facilities (a few euro cents per day and per person). This is not included in the rental price and is to be paid on the spot.